On the Move

In an effort to keep connected with our existing customer base, grow our business, and keep abreast of the latest industry advances, Shift4 sends representatives to numerous tradeshows and industry events throughout the year.

Gateway +

Shift4 provides so many value-added services that it can be easy to forget that we are first and foremost a payment gateway. We connect merchants’ revenue centers (Point of Sale, Property Management System, e-commerce shopping cart, etc.) to the credit card processor of their choice. In the more than 16 years we’ve been in the industry, our business has grown beyond just gateway services – our commitment to world-class customer service has dictated several additions to our offering.

Executive Insight: Trace is the Light!

From time to time, if you are experiencing an issue, we may ask you to “send us trace” or we may even talk you through “turning on verbose trace” and ask you to send it to us the next day.

Debit: Is It Worth It?

Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Nowhere in the payment industry is that more true than with debit card processing. Unlike processing credit payments with relatively few variables, debit card processing involves numerous organizations, devices, networks, and – perhaps most confusing of all – encryption keys.