Important Message from Shift4 Support

In our efforts to continue to provide world-class service, Shift4 is constantly enhancing and updating our offerings and infrastructure. We are in the process of bringing an additional state-of-the-art data center online, and in that process have, and will continue, to modify and add new front-end telecommunication connections. This will result in increased bandwidth, availability and redundancy – increasing processing speed and enhancing solution resiliency.

Unifying Your Revenue Centers

If you have multiple lines of revenue in your business (i.e., restaurants within your hotel, e-commerce sales in addition to your brick-and-mortar location, etc.), now is the time get them all under the Shift4 umbrella.

Executive Insight: Resilience + Redundancy = Reliability

Companies that processes payment transactions talk about ”five nines” or 99.999% reliability – but none truly deliver it. In reality, a really good processing company delivers around 99.8%. That seems pretty good, too. But is it? It means in a given year, they average less than two hours a month of service disruption.

Are You on LinkedIn?

Recently LinkedIn announced a number of changes to the way business information is displayed on their site. Most exciting of all the changes for us is the ability clients now have to add testimonials to your page and to your specific products, you can find our page here. If you’d like to recommend Shift4 or one of our products, click on the images included below. We’ll pick the best review for each product and send the reviewer a Shift4 care package.

Just for Fun: The Shift4 Cruiser gets an Extreme Makeover

Those of you who follow Shift4Corp on Facebook or Twitter are by now familiar with our Friday antics and the Shift4 Cruiser world tour. For those who aren’t, each week our Shift4-branded Chevrolet Suburban makes an “appearance” at some famous locale around the globe. You can view the images on our Facebook page here.

Community Relations: Empowering the Next Generation

The brains are back! A few weeks from now, Shift4 will sponsor a group of Las Vegas middle schoolers as they travel across the nation to apply their engineering prowess to a series of challenges in the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) 2011 World Festival.