A New Year’s Letter from Shift4's CEO and COO

Dear Customers,

As we enjoyed time with our family this holiday season, we had opportunity to reflect on the things in life for which we are most grateful. Obviously, family and dear friends came to mind, along with the necessities of life that are so often taken for granted. We also found ourselves thinking of our loyal clients – those like you who have chosen to become part of the Shift4 family.

NetCharge is now 4VT®

Shift4 has included the NetCharge virtual terminal as part of DOLLARS ON THE NET® since the product was released more than a decade ago. NetCharge has always been an extremely useful application, bringing the power of our solution to any merchant with a computer and Internet access.

Shift4: Founded on World-Class Customer Support

In the late 1980s, the Shift4 founders were running a successful accounting software business in Southern California when a long-time customer approached them with an issue: she needed a way to integrate her front-of-house credit card system with her back-office accounting program.

Stand-In vs. Dial-Up Backup

Last month we introduced you to a new feature we call Stand-In. If you didn’t happen to read that article, you can find it in its entirety here. The basic gist of Stand-In is that you are able to continue processing transactions even when Internet connectivity is lost. Since we released that article, many clients have asked us how Stand-In compares to other backup methods, including dedicated dial-up connections. Here is our answer:

Executive Insight: Credit Card Security

As a merchant advocate, Shift4 strives to make you aware of your obligation to protect the cardholder information in your possession (card swipes, primary account numbers and associated expiration dates, etc.). This information can be of a physical nature or of an electronic nature within your Point-of-Sale (POS) or back-office accounting systems.