Shift4 Payments Introduces RESTful API

image Shift4 Payments is pleased to announce the general availability of our new RESTful API. With the introduction of this new integration option, our new and existing independent software provider (ISV) partners can now integrate their point of sale or property management systems much faster to Shift4’s payment gateway and network, including our suite of secure payment technologies that support a wide range of payment types, devices, functions, and back-office accounting capabilities.

DOLLARS ON THE NET Is Now Lighthouse Transaction Manager

imageYou may have noticed that Shift4 has gone through a major rebranding. Most notably, we changed our name to Shift4 Payments and have greatly expanded our offering to merchants and partners. As part of this rebranding, we have made some exciting changes to our DOLLARS ON THE NET accounting application.

A Letter from Shift4 Concerning the Terrible Tragedy in Las Vegas

thumb To our Merchants, Partners, and Colleagues,

By now all of you have heard about the tragic act of evil perpetrated last night on the Las Vegas Strip at the Route 91 concert. We wanted to wait to write to all of you until we had determined the status of our Shift4 family.

Are You Still Using Early TLS? It's Time to Take Action!

image By Stephen Ames, CISA, CISSP – Senior Director, Security Compliance, Shift4 Corporation

Update 05/10/2018: Beginning May 10, 2018, Shift4 Payments will be officially ending support of TLS versions 1.1 and earlier. If you are a merchant still using one of these unsupported versions,  you will not be able to use any of our gateway services. Please contact Shift4’s Customer Support team immediately at 702.597.2480, option 2, or email

How to Identify and Eliminate a New Malware Threat

thumb Visa recently published an alert warning merchants and acquirers of a new type of JavaScript-based malware that is specifically targeting merchants with e-commerce payment processing environments. As your neighborhood merchant advocate, we are passing this along to you. Here is what you need to know.

Shift4 Pioneers Hand Over Day-to-Day Operations

thumb Shift4 founders Dave and Kathy Oder have officially entered their well-deserved “semi-retirement” and have handed over the day-to-day operations of the company. J.D. Oder II has been promoted to president and CTO and Stephanie Stowers has been promoted to executive vice president and COO. Please join us in congratulating these two hard-working visionaries who will lead Shift4 to continued success. Click here for official announcement.

Executive Insight: True P2PE – What You Need To Know (Part 2)

image By Stephen Ames, CISA, CISSP – Senior Director, Security Compliance, Shift4 Corporation

Riding on the fantastic news that Shift4’s True P2PE® solution is PCI validated, which means that you may be able to significantly reduce the scope and time of your PCI DSS assessments by using the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) P2PE, I'm sure you have a ton of questions about your particular environment.

True P2PE Is Now PCI Validated!

thumb Big news! Our advanced point-to-point encryption solution, True P2PE, is now on the list of PCI-validated P2PE technologies. By encrypting cardholder data (CHD) at an approved payment terminal or device you can prevent CHD from entering your system. Now, you can continue taking advantage of same speed, security, and reliability of True P2PE with the added benefit of saving time and money by the use of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) P2PE “short form.” Click here for official announcement.

Introducing the New 4Word

thumb More security, added versatility – and a new look, too. Shift4’s 4Word gives merchants a way to share and control cardholder data (CHD) with a trusted third party so that payments can be processed according to the merchant’s business requirements or need, whether that third party is a Shift4 customer or not. We’ve recently completed a major update to the 4Word web app that helps merchants increase login security and the application’s usability – especially for those doing business internationally.

New Options in the UTG and DOLLARS ON THE NET

thumb We’ve added some useful new options to the UTG and DOLLARS ON THE NET. Here's what's new:

With this UTG update, merchants processing directly to American Express (AMEX) will be able to more accurately and securely verify AMEX cardholders using online PIN verification (if supported by the card) instead of relying solely on a signature.

Fraud Speak: Learn the Lingo to Beat Scammers

thumb As you are well aware, hackers and scammers pose an ongoing threat to your payment data. A single data breach can do enough damage to your company’s brand and finances to last years – if not bring an end to, or at least greatly hamper, your business operations. This is one of the reasons why we suggest layering the strongest payment security tools available. But, it also doesn’t hurt to stay up to date on the methods that are being used to steal payment data.

Avoid Suspended Batches Using New DOLLARS ON THE NET Viewing Option

thumb Did you know that fake authorization codes are the number one cause of suspended batches? No one wants to take the time to call a card issuer’s voice authorization center to get a referral code when facing a line of customers. But, when a busy clerk enters a fake code to force an authorization, it doesn’t just cause problems with that transaction in DOLLARS ON THE NET, it causes a portion of the batch – or even the entire batch of transactions – to suspend, leaving your auditor stuck with extra work or even a delay in funding.